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Friends & Family For Dinner

I love cooking for dinner parties and creating food that tastes and looks delicious using fresh produce that is sustainably-sourced and in-season.


My dishes don’t just vary according to the time of the year but also to meet your preferences and dietary requirements. Every event is tailored to your needs so I start with an initial phone call to find out what you’re looking for before putting together a bespoke proposal.

Dinner parties for up to 12 people:

• Three courses: from £20/head

• Two courses: from £15/head

• One course: from £10/head

Desserts, Cakes & Bakes

For some of us, life just wouldn’t be the same without cake or dessert! If you also love ending a meal on an even higher note with an enticing dessert or want homemade traybakes, cakes or cookies for busy weekends or when guests come to stay, I can help. 


Everything is made to order and according to dietary requirements so just let me know what you’re looking for and your favourite ingredients, and I can suggest various dessert, cake or bake options for you to choose from.

Cheese Plate

Throwing A Party

If you’re thinking about having a large number of people over, I can help with canapés and grazing platters. Arranged beautifully, they are a feast for the eyes and serious crowd pleasers!


Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more and I will run you through the different options available, starting from £40 per platter.

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